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Top 5 Advantages of Using a Recruitment Agency

Are you wondering why you should choose a recruitment agency? Here are our top 5 advantages of using a recruitment agency.

The world of work has changed tremendously over the past few years. Blame it on the pandemic, blame it on technology or the state of the global economy, either way these changes are here to stay and it will only evolve more in the years to come. Since globalisation has become the focus in the workforce today, recruiters are now introduced to a new pool of candidates, which means that the recruitment process needed to adapt.

Today candidates are not only looking for an income, they are also looking for the right fit for them. While they are applying for jobs, they are getting a sneak peak into who you are as business and how they are being treated. Did you know that cccording to PWC, 49% of candidates declined a job offer as a result of a poor recruitment experience.

First things first, what does a recruitment agency do?

In a nutshell, recruitment companies connect recruiters to potential candidates. They work directly with companies to find out exactly what the company wants from their ideal candidate. From that point onward, the recruiter will then either use their own database of candidates, and as 35% of applicants look for job openings on social media, according to JobVite, recruiters may use social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, to reach the ideal candidate.

Recruiters will then screen the potential candidate and share the job spec or job description with the potential candidate to see if they are a fit.

Why choose a recruitment agency?

Recruiters are the conduits between the candidate and the company and they can be very influential in negotiating the terms of employment, such as salary, start dates and other benefits, for both parties involved, especially if you are particularly sought after.

Why do companies use recruitment agencies?

Recruiting can turn out to be expensive, with multiple accounts for different platforms, sometimes access to premium versions may give you the desired outcome, back and forth phone calls and if you are recruiting for global companies, that would mean many international calls. Recruiting is also extremely time-consuming for an in-house talent acquisition team.

Recruitment agencies can take on some of that leg work and help companies cut down on company resources and costs, in the end.

31% of new hires have left a job within six months - Bamboo HR

Most recruitment agencies have an agreement with companies guaranteeing that their candidate will make it through their probation period. If not, it will be up to the recruiter to replace the candidate.

Why use a recruitment agency to find a job

Recruitment agencies are not only the middle man, but they can also act as a support system in the very stressful time of looking for a job.

Top 5 advantages of using recruitment agencies

  1. Save on time and resources – on average, one job posting gets 250 applications, according to Glassdoor. A recruiter will save you valuable time and resources that you would have spent sourcing and screening candidates if you are representing a company or valuable preparation time if you are an applicant.
  2. Recruiters are well-connected – with their connections, recruiters can help connect job-seekers to opportunities that are better suited to their experience.
  3. Recruiters are eager to place candidates – remember, recruiters KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are based on the number of successfully placed candidates. This means that they are on your side and want you to succeed.
  4. Industry expertise – Recruiters have insight into hiring trends that in-house talent acquisition might not have been exposed to yet. They are also For the candidate, recruiters can offer insight into hiring opportunities that are better aligned to a candidates goals.
  5. A good word – Sometimes recruiters have long-term relationships with the business owners and a good word from them can change the trajectory of your job search. They can help you build rapport between you, the applicant and companies before you even meet with them.


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